They say “Karma has no menu – you get served what you deserve.”

.. and this might be exactly the situation here.  In what seems to be an ironic plot twist by nature itself, a Wildlife Hunter  became the hunted and got eaten alive by Crocodiles.


Scott Van Zyl made a living out of hunting wild animals.

After going missing from a hunter trip, his remains were found in 2 crocodiles which suggest Van Zyl encountered the horrible death of being eaten alive.


Van Zyl organised SS Pro Safari Hunting trips and also offered special accommodation for hunters who decided to come spend a week or longer on his land in Zimbabwe.


According to the New York Post, the main package Van Zyl offered his clients cost $9000.  Besides enjoying his land, hunters got the promise of killing up to 7 different species as animal trophies.

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Special expeditions also included hunting more exotic and rare animals such as giraffes & elephants.  His website did not feature prices for these expeditions, however, it offered various photos of “such animal trophy kills”.

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In what was to be his last hunting trip, Van Zyl separated from his partner and went missing.  His backpack was eventually found by a fisherman on the banks of Limpopo River and a search was initiated.


Eventually, 3 Nile Crocodiles were shot with the permit of Zimbabwe Parks, Wildlife Management Authority and the Beitbridge Rural District Council.

DNA tests were conducted by the South African Police in collaboration with Zimbabwe Forensics which confirmed the gruesome truth of Van Zyl’s faith.

“Our hearts go out to Scott’s wife, Sure, and their two children,” said Phillip Bronkhorst, chairman of the Limpopo Hunters Liaison Forum. “He will be remembered for the passion he had for his profession and life in general.”


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Van Zyl was loved by his fans and hated by Nature & Animal activists.   As expected, this news created mixed feelings all around the globe.

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