The University of Edinburgh  has confirmed the suspicions of eldest brothers and sisters everywhere – First-Born Children are more intelligent than their siblings.  

In a study in collaboration with Sydney University, economists  have found first-borns achieve higher IQ test scores from as young as one year old.

First-born children are more intelligent than their siblings because they receive more mental stimulation in their early years.

The research was conducted from 5,000 children who were given reading and picture vocabulary tests every two years.

The results were analysed in relation to parental behaviour and it was found that first-borns are given more support with tasks that involve thinking and brain-stimulating activities such as reading, crafts & music.


Previous studies from the University of Essex established that first-borns are more successful and ambitious than their younger siblings and are 16 per cent more likely to pursue higher education.

The University of Edinburgh and Sydney University study used data collected by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, but experts have warned any results are generalities, which may or may not translate to individual families.

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