So … you’re a vegan. You love vegan food. You like vegan people and form part of a Vegan Community.

Fine, but … SURPRISE … most people don’t.

Don’t Ruin Veganism for the rest of the human population. Many Vegans are getting a bad reputation cause of the small extremist minority.  It’s time to think before you act.

Here are a few Steps you can follow inorder to become a BETTER Vegan:

Step 1) Don’t Mention the Subject unless it comes up Naturally 

Take this Vegan joke, for example: “How do you find a vegan at a dinner party? Don’t worry they’ll tell you!”

STOP LIVING UP TO THIS STEREOTYPE!!  Bring up veganism with people only if you need to politely reject food they’ve offered or if people ask you about it. The rest don’t really care.

Step 2) Don’t Frikkin Preaching!


If you failed at Step 1, please don’t be preachy. For many, trying to convert them to Veganism is the same as trying to convert them to a new religion. Even the most compelling statistics that you grabbed from the PETA website won’t convince anyone that isn’t already interested in veganism.


Step 3) Just Accept the Truth: Not everyone can be a Vegan


So .. you failed in Step 1 & 2?  Well, if you’re gonna preach, at least accept that it’s pointless getting frustrated with the fact that not everyone you know is vegan. Being a vegan might be great for you and for animals and for the planet … but it’s just not doable for most people.  You got Soy and Cashew recipes which taste better 3 times better than a Medium-Rare Irish Rib Eye? Just indulge yourself, accept everyone is entitled for his own choices and move on.

Step 4) Pick your Battles


Just in case you’re failing in Steps 1-3, remember that it’s not worth arguing about veganism with the dude waiting in front of you in the Walmart queue or the random internet troll who would wear a meat dress to the International Vegan Convention if given the option. It’s not worth anyone’s time AND only gives ALL vegans a bad rap.


Step 5) Rihanna isn’t Vegan … so clearly, Vegans ain’t better than everyone else


If you’re failing in Steps 1-4, then it’s a good thing to remember that just because vegans care “more” about animals and the environment, it doesn’t mean that they are better people than non-vegans. It just doesn’t.

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