Just how close would you be willing to go next to a 15ft White Shark? 

Probably not as close as Dale Pearson did!

Pearson spotted this 15ft thrashing in the 3ft shallows within view of his apartment in Baja California, Mexico.

Pearson initially suspected the animal to be a beached whale or a hammerhead and waded out to see if he could help it.

To his utter surprise, he quickly realised he was dealing with a much more fierce and deadly predator.

With nothing more than just a camera, Pearson waded next to the shark to inspect it for several minutes.  The great white was injured with hits from propellers.


Pearson was not injured by the shark, though he was attacked by stingrays as he observed the animal. Upon his return to the same spot the next day, it was gone.

WATCH this unique footage: ( Attention: Swearing during the video )

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