A shocking report claims that ruthless drug dealers are ‘cutting drugs’ with de-worming chemicals for farm animals.  

In the UK alone, it has been reported that there is four in five chance the supply has been ‘cut’ with levamisole, which causes human flesh to decay.


Levamisole poisoning can cause skin lesions and discolouration and rotting of the skin when blood cells rupture, particularly in the ears, nose and fingers.  Levamisole is used on cattle inorder to make white blood cells to drop.

The main side effect is leaving the user with symptoms of HIV.


About 10 per cent of those users will die from severe infections.  They are literally walking around like a ticking time bomb.

This is just one of the many deadly substances which are being used to ‘cut’ heroin and cocaine.  It has also been reported that international drug dealers have even used far less costly but deadly substances such as asbestos to increase their profits.

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