Cuba is mainly known for its export of cigars and rum … but all that can soon change as it now claims to have found a vaccine for cancer!


Cuba recently developed CIMAvax, which is a lung cancer treatment .

Research in Cuba found that CIMAvax extended patients’ lives after chemotherapy by three-to-five months longer than those who didn’t receive the vaccine.


CIMAvax ¬†prompts the immune system to block an attack, but it isn’t preventative in the way most other vaccines are.

It is a treatment for lung cancer, one that gets the immune system to slow the growth of cancerous cells.


It has been reported that many Lung Cancer patients from the US have travelled to Cuba to get the vaccine, then smuggle it back.

One man who started getting the vaccine from Cuba in 2012 claimed: ¬†“There’s no doubt that without this medicine, I would be dead! Since I have been taking CIMAvax, it hasn’t come back.”


Should this vaccine get approved, we may well see relations between Cuba and the rest of the World to continue to soften, then the vaccine could treat Worldwide lung cancer patients-no smuggling required.

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