Kokoya – a remote island in Indonesia, was recently in the international spotlight after some divers made a terrible discovery.

These Divers came across rare mammals called Dugongs which were trapped and being held in captivity at the bottom of the ocean floor in cages.


Dugongs are one of four living species of the order Sirenia, which also includes three species of manatees.  Delon Lim (one of the divers), said that the animals seemed to be a mother separated from her calf in different underwater cages. The mom had a rope tied around her tail, but the young dugong was without restraints.

The restraining rope was deep in the flesh of the Dugong which suggested this mammal had been in captive for several weeks.

Within a couple hours, Lim contacted the wildlife authorities and explained where the exact location of the cages were. Officials went down underwater themselves the next day and found the pair still locked up and they were set free.


It’s just terrible that animals are held captive in these types of situations for people who capture them to make money using them as tourist attractions.

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