A few days ago, we announced that Edd China & Mike Brewer ended their 12-episode-strong partnership and as a result, Edd will no longer be part of Wheelers Dealers.


If you missed the story, you can read all the details here.

However, things seem to be much more complicated.

Edd China just posted a video on YouTube explaining that he and Mike “are not the best of friends”.


But this video had another sinister message.  Apparently, many die hard fans of the program did not take this split lightly and according to Edd, Mike Brewer even received death threats!

Edd has appealed to the common sense of his fans and claimed that “nobody should die over a TV show breakup”.  He also confirmed he shall be launching a new program and that fans will be now enjoying 2 car-related productions instead of just one.

WATCH the footage below:

Viral Orb shall keep following this story and keep an eye on further developments.

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