Earlier this season Pamela joined The Doctors looking for help for her rosacea-enlarged nose, which kept her from feeling confident.

At a younger age, Pamela was blessed with beautiful skin.


As she aged and hormones set in, her skin suffered the consequences. Acne, pock marks, and redness covered her entire face.mar125But the worst of the blemishes occurred after the birth of her second child, when, out of nowhere, her nose began to change shape.

Pamela was so embarrassed of her face that she stopped going outside and hid in her home for months on end. Depression took over her life and she assumed there was no way to make her pain stop. That was the case until Pamela was welcomed onto the hit television show “The Doctors.”

While visiting the show, a world-renowned dermatologist explained that Pamela actually suffered from an advanced form of rosacea called rhinophyma – which leaves some patients with a large, inflamed nose!


The dermatologist offered to start her on an immediate treatment plan free of charge which included prescription medication, laser treatment and surgery.

After several months on the treatment plan, Pamela was welcomed back onto the show to share her new look. She told the doctors, “I am excited about the new me. I no longer hide!”


In one of the most dramatic transformations the show has ever seen, Pamela is back to show off her new look and nose!

WATCH Pamela’s amazing transformation below:

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