Best news I had all year!  So it is true: “A rose lasts for a week … a fart lasts err … forever?”.


Well, if you just started dating, you should probably take this advice with an open mind.  We all try to impress our new partners so slipping something rather unpleasant like a fart too early might not be the best idea, but when time starts passing by, it might be a good idea to start slipping in a small fart or two in the mix.


At least, this is the advice given by an author of family psychology called Leah Decesare.

She has conducted a research  which confirms that a lasting relationship is based on complete trust and sincerity, and we get this being as natural as possible.  This woman has published a book called ‘naked parenting’ where she tells about the secret of lasting relationships.

This author tell us that the first fart in front of her husband changed their relationship forever. She says her husband knew at that very moment he was going to be with her for life!


Leah also claims that women are seen as delicate and fragile. She considers that the very fact of farting in front of a boyfriend makes a woman more attractive and creates empathy with their partner.


Leah does state, however, that you must hold it at all cost in front of other people.  Just don’t let it be an issue with your loved one. After all, Farting is as natural as laughing, crying or eating.

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