Mitchell Mark is a YouTuber with the Channel name “Just Somebody”.

This American guy travels the world and climbs heights & sneaks into forbidden places just for the trill and for the next “cool” YouTube upload.

He practically enjoys living life on the edge.

Recently, he launched his MALTATUDE challenge which consists of 7 days of daring climbs and forbidden trespassing in the island of Malta:

Here’s a collection of some of his most daring videos he made in Malta:

1) Tower Crane

This was his first crazy climb which happened on a site close to Hal Far (Malta).

2) Radio Tower

Probably this was the craziest climb that Mitchell attempted.  All the handles for climbing this tower are rusty and the wind tends to shake the tower abit at the top!

3) Pender Gardens Building

Pender Gardens are a set of luxury apartments in a prime touristic area in Malta called Paceville.  Although not a skyscraper as Mitchell quoted, this is one of the highest buildings in Malta which offers equally spectacular views!

4) Marsa’s Power Station Chimney



This climb is impressive … but what is equally impressive is how on earth did Mitchell get so easy past the security and climb unnoticed?  A Power Station is supposed to be one of the most secure places in a country …

5) Airport Signal Tower for Air planes – Malta International Airport in Luqa


Once again … how on earth did it take so long for these 2 guys to get spotted in an Airport field? And which so much security in airports nowadays, how on earth did they manage to escape?

This climb looks scary!

So, after getting away with all those crazy stunts, Mitchell did get arrested!  Where?  On some private buildings while doing parkour!

Where will Mitchell climb next? Beware Malta!

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