Let’s face it – one of the most annoying jobs out there is being a bouncer.

Not only do you have to work while watching others party & getting wasted, but you are also constantly a target for dipsh*ts who are out trying to cause trouble.

And this is exactly what happened to this Irish Bouncer who was attacked by what seemed to be 2 Irish drunk guys.


These two blokes came sizing up the bouncer and in a matter of a few seconds, punches started to fly in.

Only problem was that the Irish Bouncer was a well trained martial artist and it took him just a few counter punches of his own to get the job done!


After 1 guy got knocked out cold, the 2nd guy resorted to the skillful art of spitting and after a few seconds, he helped drag his fallen comrade away.

Respect to the bouncer for acting only in self defence and not going gung-ho to what would have been an easy and total annihilation from his side!

WATCH the footage of all the action:

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