Even if you ain’t a car enthusiast, you must have surely heard about the TV show “Wheelers Dealers”.


After 13 memorable series, Edd China has announced that he shall be quitting Wheeler Dealers.

The famous duo – Edd China & Mike Brewer have quickly transformed Wheelers Dealers into one of the most popular shows on the planet which broadcast in 220 territories around the globe.

He also announced that his replacement shall be master mechanic Ant Anstead, who co-presented For The Love of Cars.


On a YouTube video, Edd announced that ‘After season 12, the show commission was taken over by Velocity Channel in the US who replaced Attaboy TV (the original production company) with Discovery Studios in California.

‘Unfortunately, on Velocity’s first attempt at producing the show they found Wheeler Dealers “too difficult” to make – at least in its current format.

‘In particular, the detailed and in-depth coverage of my fixes in the workshop – what I consider to be the backbone and USP of the programme – are something Veolcity feels should be reduced.’

mar114 mike-brewer-and-ant-anstead

Ant Anstead announced that it is with Edd’s blessing that he joined the team for this new and exciting challenge. He hopes he and viewers enjoy what the new duo shall bring to the show and recognize that the ultimate concept shall always be the same: the love of cars.

mar113 mike-brewer-and-ant-anstead

With Ant Anstead’s reputation for being a world class car builder and one of the best vehicle auction resellers on the planet, we all await with fingers crossed to see if he is able to fit into Edd’s boots.

WATCH Edd’s video announcement down below:

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