Today’s kids are tech freaks and most of them know how to use iPads & smart phones better than their parents.

If you fancy some quality time with your kids, try out some fun activities … like these cool DIY Lava Lamps.

All you need is:

1) 3 glasses
2) Water
3) Vegetable Oil
4) 3 different Food Colouring
5) Soluble Aspirins

Step 1:  Fill in 1/4 of the glass with Water


Step 2: Fill the rest of the glass with vegetable oil.  You will see that the oil will remain on top as it is lighter than water.


Step 3: Add Food Colouring to each glass – depending on what colour you wish to see in each Lava Lamp.  You will see that the colouring will move down to the water as oil is lighter than both the colouring and water.


Step 4:  Throw in the Soluble Aspirin.  It will react to the water & create air bubbles which will slowly start moving through the oil to the surface and afterwards, the liquid will move back to the bottom.  This creates the Lava Lamp effect!!


Watch the full instructions on the video:

If you enjoyed this experiment, you can visit Kids Diaries on YouTube for more ideas for Kids.

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