Ever fancied becoming more self-sufficient and save on your groceries in the process?  Well, Potatoes are one of the easiest produces to grow on your own as they require very little work & attention.

Here is how to build your very own Potato Tower:


All you need to get started is:

  1. Wire fencing (around 4 feet tall and 8 feet wide)
  2. Compost & Dirt
  3. Straw
  4. Seed potatoes

Install 4 posts in a square shape. They should be approx 18 inches apart from each other. This will be the skeleton of your potato tower. Wrap the wire around the posts in order to create a fence.


Add the compost, dirt & straw .  This is the environment needed for potatoes to grow.

Now put the potatoes in the dirt and compost & make sure that the green buds are facing out towards the straw. Add a few inches of dirt and lay down another set of potatoes. Repeat until all potatoes are planted.



Make sure the potato tower is watered regularly.  You will notice that the tower will start to expand upwards as the plants grow.

Last stage is harvesting.  Simply remove the straw & compost to unveil your supply of homegrown potatoes!


Repeat this process & by the time you have used your potato supply, you should have a new harvest ready!

WATCH  the video below for full instructions.

Finally – you may ask “Why Potatoes?”

Well … we shall leave the answer to Mr Maltese Potato Man himself:

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